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Eagle Chiropractor Focuses on the Benefits of Weight Loss

Here at Ellison Chiropractic we strive to give our clients all the care and services that they need for total wellness care. Whether patients are here for pain relief, pregnancy care, or to lose weight, we can help. One of the most common services our Eagle chiropractor weight lossprovides is our weight loss program. Dr. Ellison understands that getting to (and maintaining!) a healthy weight has great benefits for his patients' overall wellness. Pain relief patients often find that healthy body weights can lessen the stress on their spines and joints, making them more comfortable and in better health. Both he and his staff member Angie are familiar with the best practices for achieving a healthy weight loss. And, together they will develop a wellness care plan that works best for you.

Wellness Care Patients Value Weight Loss Programs as Part of Services Offered

Our weight loss plan, using the Ideal Protein protocol, is a proven program that can be an important part of wellness care. This four phase plan was designed by medical experts to help in stabilization of the pancreas and blood sugar levels. The plan was also designed to burn away excess fatty tissue, while maintaining muscle. Some diets cause rapid weight loss, but can make you lose not just fat but also important muscle. Ideal Protein was developed to make sure that people can lose weight in the healthiest possible way.

weight lossIdeal Protein was created 25 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. Dr. Chanh devoted his career to creating excellent nutritional plans for those struggling with weight problems. The principles of this plan are very simple. First, carbohydrates (both simple and complex) may be the reason you cannot lose weight. Due to this, the Ideal Protein plan uses reduced sugars. When you eat few sugars, your body is forced to burn up its stored fat!

Next, glycogen must be depleted to force the body to burn its extra fat. The ideal way to do this is by giving the body the required amount of protein while restricting sugars. This means high energy levels, feeling full, and losing weight. The wellness care patients at our Eagle chiropractor often choose to try the Ideal Protein plan because you gain extra energy and don't feel hungry thanks to the protein. This plan is a great way for our post pregnancy care patients to lose the baby weight.

You may first visit our Eagle chiropractor for help with pain or after an accident, but we are so glad to offer the type of services that will make you want to return in the future! If you want a healthy plan to safely lose weight, contact our office to schedule a consultation today. 

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Dr. Ellison is very knowledgeable and his staff is very friendly. He remembers his patients and what is going on in their lives. I have had the pleasure of referring Dr. Ellison to family and friends and am happy to say that both of my daughters enjoy coming to see him as well.

Lori K.*

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